Satellite: The Artist and Educator as Orbital Connectors

2024 Mid-America College Art Association Virtual Conference
Hosted by Auburn University
March 21–23 2024

Call for Sessions
Deadline: September 17, 2023
Application Link

Invisible orbiters dispersed among the sky watch, collect, and report back on what they have witnessed. Artists and educators are satellites set on a polar-orbiting path, observing slivers of the world at a time, collecting data through tuned instruments, and sending out signals for others to intercept and interpret. We facilitate the linear to curve, distance to shrink, and information to transfer. In a world where distance is growing physically, politically, economically, and ideologically, artists and educators position themselves in the information space. We provide data points in an attempt to provoke, inspire, and transform the pieces of the world we interact with. We are a network of satellites distantly collaborating to build a higher resolution image of our world.

MACAA invites both professionals and students (graduate or undergraduate) to submit proposals to be held virtually via Zoom that engage with the topics of distant collaboration, connection through technology, data access, tension in technology, space, or any other interpretation of the artist and educator as orbiting connectors.

Along with the classic format of conference panels, MACAA also invites individuals to propose panels aimed at skill sharing for both professionals and students. We highly value the importance of sharing research, but recognize many of our practices also rely heavily on a set of skills. The MACAA 2024 Virtual Conference seeks to broaden its scope to incorporate these skill-based panels in order to provide our members with an experience additional to research-based panels. Examples of what these panels may be, but are not limited to are, utilizing AI in one’s practice, grant writing, applying to exhibitions, donor retention and fundraising, publishing a book, and/or Adobe software tips.

To propose a panel session, please visit the link above to submit a title and an abstract (250 words maximum) for consideration in our 2024 Virtual Conference.

If you have any questions, please email Jason Schwab at

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