Abstract Borders | Reflections on Belonging explores the complexity and multifaceted experience of our human need to belong. Throughout the exhibition, themes of immigration, self-discovery, and accessibility are reflected upon through different media. The selection of artworks in Abstract Borders aims to foster understanding, empathy, introspection, and dialogue.

Abstraction, conceptual art, and self-exploration are used as a means of representing the intangible and elusive aspects of identity, migration, and belonging. In a way transcending the boundaries of art, allowing for a deeper exploration of emotions, memories, and experiences that are not easily expressed through literal depictions. The exhibit celebrates the multiplicity of our society and explores how art becomes a powerful tool for communication and social change. It highlights the unique ways in which artists incorporate their cultural heritage, influences, and experiences into their artistic practices.

The virtual nature of the exhibition enables visitors to access the artworks at any time, eliminating the constraints of a brick-and-mortar gallery and encouraging a conversation on the universal human experiences that connect us all.