The Mid-American College Art Association

Since the 1930’s Mid-America College Art Association (MACAA) has provided a forum for the artist and educators of America to discuss and debate the issues of our profession, to share ideas and information of mutual benefit and to affirm the friendships and collegiality that binds us together.

We are made up of art faculty, art historians, independent scholars, artists, museum professionals, and affiliate organizations; our conferences also invite graduate and undergraduate students to participate. 

Our Mission

  • To promote and foster excellence in the practice, scholarship, and teaching of art and design, at the university and college level.

  • To enhance creative and scholarly research through the discussion of new ideas, concepts, processes, and theories of concern to the membership.

  • To hold conferences for the professional benefit of the membership and enhance dialogue across multiple disciplines and venues.

  • To encourage and aid efforts aimed at developing art and design in higher education in the Mid-America region and beyond.

    Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)

     As we navigated a global pandemic at a time when racial justice and gender and sexual minority rights communities (LGBTQIA+ individuals) have come to the forefront of discussions and awareness in our fields, we have become increasingly aware of our responsibility and commitment to becoming an empathetic, multi-cultural, organization that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion and access (DEIA) within our leadership, programming and membership. We come together to work towards new understandings that allow us to gain knowledge, and to forge ahead in new directions. 

    Increased awareness of past inequalities has given us new opportunities to acknowledge, learn from one another and grow. Our full potential will be realized when we value, embrace and celebrate diverse ideas, perspectives, and experiences at our conferences, exhibitions and online communications. 

    We acknowledge that this work is ongoing as we embark on a journey that it is fluid and ever changing. We commit ourselves to rising to new moments of interconnectivity. Our current board is committed to revisiting, reevaluating and expanding this plan of action throughout the coming months and years with involvement of the membership. We welcome individual voices and perspectives as we work toward enacting this action plan. 

    Key Areas for Growth

    Diversity – Representation of populations that historically and systematically have been, and remain underrepresented, marginalized, and oppressed. 

    Equity – Recognize that we come with different ideas, perspectives, and experiences. People have equal value and should have the opportunity to participate fully and with fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources. 

    Inclusion – Elevating the voices and creating allies for diverse individuals to participate in all aspects of organizational work, including decision-making. 

    Accessibility – Actively include, regardless of status, level of education, or physical or cognitive differences, equitable access to programming and membership.


    Click the links below to download the full MACAA Constitution and our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Statement.

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