Reality Shift is an online exhibition juried by Brielle Jenkins

How many worlds do we inhabit? Just one? Or do we flow between many? What of the digital and the physical? Humans and avatars? We’ve grown accustomed to a life of dual realities. A life where we supplement our physical routines, our handshakes and coffee dates, with a secondary digital state of being. That state gives us maps for our outings, news for small talk, even DM’s for connection. But what becomes of those realities when their roles are switched? When a pandemic sweeps across humanity, leaving isolation and a twisted sense of reality in its wake? When the physical sphere ceases to function, and digital existence becomes the new primary system? We talk through tweets instead of about them. Stare into lenses instead of eyes. We still live. Still bounce between worlds. Now though, in reoriented, reprioritized bodies. 

Best In ShowWes Kline & Janelle Rebel

Student AwardKelly Clare

ArtistsJasmine Beul, Everything is Collective, Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve, Holland Hopson, Leekyung Kang, Zachary Koch, Shanna Merola, Jennifer Printz, Maggie Schmiegelow, Robert StanleyEmily Joy Zeller

Robert Stanley - Tie-ins

Archival computer print (ed. 50), 2020

Holland Hopson - A Work of Art for Every Entry in Index—Subjects—Library of Congress (Screenshot. Click image to interact)

Digital interactive, variable, 2019

Jennifer Printz - Require or Demand It

Graphite, colored pencil, and Epson Ultrachrome inks

on Antique Paper, 2020

Kelly Clare - a net can __ anything into a room

(2:42), video, 2020 

Shanna Merola - “Untitled_2” from the series Nuclear Winter

Analogue photo collage digital capture, 2020

Wes Kline & Janelle Rebel - Humid Trance Distance

10:05 min. 2K digital video. 2020

Zachary Koch - the one that got away

Maya, .mp4, 56s, 2018

Maggie Schmiegelow - Evidence of Tending

Digital video, 00:01:12, 2020

Emily Joy Zeller - French Horn, Ocarina, Cicada, Monarch, Cabbage Butterfly, Jellyfish, Switch, Comic Book

Video animation from GAN generated images, 1:06, on loop, 2019

Jasmine Beul - Surreal Aerial

Photograph of ceramic and MDF sculptures, 2020

Everything is Collective - Empty Pink PPE

Digital image, 2018

Leekyung Kang - Ecstasy of the Surface
4'01'', single channel, 2019

Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve - Preserved Flowers,

Archive Study No. 8, 1970-2020

Vinyl substrate, 2020

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