Barbara Giorgio

Barbara Giorgio-Booher is a Teaching Professor at Ball State University, Muncie, IN and currently resides in Selma, IN. MFA degree from The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH; BFA degree, Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Hometown, Munster, IN.

Collaboration between the arts and sciences has helped to create new ideas, processes and knowledge for my artwork. My traditional drawings on paper, digital prints, and more recently drawings on glass, has created a unique opportunity to combine imagery through composite manipulation and geometrical layering of unexpected patterns generated from objects taken from my personal surroundings, those found in nature, and in the anatomical structures of the human form. I am the art director and co-faculty advisor for the Conservation Tales book series ( The immersive learning program assembles an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students who research, develop, illustrate, design and publish a children’s book about wildlife conservation and science process skills. The production of the Conservation Tales books places a strong emphasis on accuracy and authenticity in the stories, illustrations and photographs; working closely with real researchers who serve as content consultants and models for the scientists depicted in the books. This immersive learning program is a collaboration between the Department of Biology and the School of Art.

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