Satellite: The Artist and Educator as Orbital Connectors

2024 Mid-America College Art Association Virtual Conference

Hosted by Auburn University

March 21st – 23rd 2024

Invisible orbiters dispersed among the sky watch, collect, and report back on what they have witnessed. Artists and educators are satellites set on a polar-orbiting path, observing slivers of the world at a time, collecting data through tuned instruments, and sending out signals for others to intercept and interpret. We facilitate the linear to curve, distance to shrink, and information to transfer. In a world where distance is growing physically, politically, economically, and ideologically, artists and educators position themselves in the information space. We provide data points in an attempt to provoke, inspire, and transform the pieces of the world we interact with. We are a network of satellites distantly collaborating to build a higher resolution image of our world.

2022 MACAA Virtual Conference

  • Thu, March 31, 2022
  • 12:00 AM
  • Sat, April 02, 2022
  • 11:59 PM


Welcome to the 2022 Mid-America College Art Association Virtual Conference! 

March 31- April 2, 2022

“Defining the Undefined: Art, Education, Technology, and the Mapping of Ourselves”

As artists, we draw maps, imperfect translations of the world. We interact with that function as a tool for others to better understand where they situate themselves within this world. As educators, we design road maps for students to find their bearings, to set a course. Then, to pick up where our maps have left off to continue discovering new terrains. Technology is the means by which we generate these maps. How will advancements in technology continue to initiate new understandings of these maps? How does mapping define us, both physically and metaphysically? Given the challenges educators, students, and institutions are currently facing, we are particularly interested in sessions that address timely topics relevant to the changing landscape of art, technology, and education, as well as those which consider mapping in relation to cognitive, emotional, and health-based applications. It is undeniable there are still many maps to be drawn that will both solidify and complicate how we understand ourselves in relation to each other and the space we inhabit now and in the future. 

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